Wednesday, August 31, 2011


i cant even explain it. i have such a passion for makeup. i have since i can remember. i remember stealing my mom's lipstick and painting my brother's face with it. i started experimenting with my friends when i finally saved my allowence to buy dollar store makeup. i made them sit still while i put it one them, and did their hair, and made them dance around while i snapped photos. hair and makeup is all i really ever wanted to do. when you're a kid and people always ask you what you want to be when you grow up, most answer an austronaut, the president, or even superman. not me. i always said i wanted to do hair and makeup. i'm so lucky to be one of the few kids who really grew up to achieve their crazy childhood dreams..... i wanna share a few of my favorite moments so far in my career....
 angela..... this shoot was done for st. george magazine with the amazing skyy mckendry (may he rest in peace) one of my very favorite photographers. it was shot in a parade of homes house that was incredable.
 cimeron. this girl scheduled her senior pics, and she was such a natural, we brought her back in to play.
 spring goddess chantal. it took me an hour or so to place all of those flowers, and another hour or more for her makeup, but isnt she stunning. so much fun!
 now this was a crazy day. hired me to do a how-to video for fantasy makeup. these two lovely ladies were my volunteers, and we took advantage of the already done makeup to take some killer shots. you can see the video at
maddie.... isnt she beautiful? standing next to a random parkinglot looking like she owns the place. one of my favorite models to work with.

most recent. emma. she's a great model. michael zaugg was great to work with too. i got up at 3:30 in the morning for this. haha. the dress and shoes she are wearing are one of a kind designer pieces worth a fortune. i usually love to be on the set of the shoot, but couldnt make it this day, so the pics were a complete good surprise. :)

its time to do more!!!!
- kenzi